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The Moresby South Rugby Football League (MSRFL) have named their 20-man Southern Blacks squad for the upcoming Southern Super League competition.

The Southern Confederation based competition, the Southern Super League, is scheduled to kick off in June and feature reserve teams for each of the region’s three Digicel Cup clubs (Central Dabaris, Port Moresby Vipers and Gulf Isou) plus representative sides from some of the larger regional leagues.

The 20-man Southern Blacks squad will remain together training until the commencement of the season. Players from the MSRFL A-Grade competition will be brought in as needed as the season goes on.

The Southern Blacks recently played the Buria Reds in a trial last weekend, with the Moresby South winning 20 – 12.

Moresby Southern Blacks Squad:
1. Dickson Otis 2. P.J Solien 3. Joshua Winnie 4. Terence Wemin 5. Frank Airi 6. Joseph Komeli 7. Andy Tan 8. Stoney Yak 9. Nick Kusili 10. Paul Yol 11. Yomo Yakopa 12. Buddy Elijah 13. Gab Kume 14. Gordon Negi 15. Jack Kuman 16. Jerry Lo 17. Jnr John 18. Douglas Pirika 19. Kevin Suku 20. Regan Naipao