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The 2021 Harvey Norman Women’s National Championships will kick off at Moreton Daily Stadium this Thursday, May 20.

With the revised format and the addition of the Under 19 teams, there will be more footy than ever and more opportunities for players to show their skills and put their hand up for selection in future representative and NRLW teams.

Open Age teams will play 1x 20 minute half in each of their pool matches, with the Finals set to be 2x 20 minutes halves. Under 19s teams will play 2x 20 minutes halves for all games.

Open Age:

Australian Defence Force
First Nation Gems
South Australia
Northern Territory
Western Australia

Under 19s:
Pool A:
Queensland Sapphires
NSW City
Western Australia

Pool B:
NSW Country
Queensland Rubys
South Australia
Northern Territory

Open Age:
Day One:
09:30 : South Australia v Northern Territory
10:00 : First Nations Gems v Northern Territory
10:30 : First Nations Gems v Victoria
11:00 : Australian Defence Forces v Victoria
11:30 : Australian Defence Forces v Western Australia

Day Two:
09:30 : Australian Defence Forces v First Nations Gems
10:00 : First Nations Gems v Western Australia
10:30 : South Australia v Western Australia
11:00 : South Australia v Victoria
11:30 : Northern Territory v Queensland

Day Three:
09:30 : Victoria v Western Australia
10:00 : Northern Territory v Western Australia
10:30 : Northern Territory v Australian Defence Forces
11:00 : South Australia v Australian Defence Forces
11:30 : South Australia v First Nations Gems

Day Four:
10:00 : Fifth Place Play-Off
11:00 : Third Place Play-Off
12:00 : National Final

Under 19s:
Day One:
12:00 : NSW City v Victoria
13:00 : Queensland Sapphires v Western Australia
14:00 : Queensland Rubys v South Australia
15:00 : NSW Country v Northern Territory

Day Two:
12:00 : Queensland Sapphires v Victoria
13:00 : NSW City v Western Australia
14:00 : Queensland Rubys v Northern Territory
15:00 : NSW Country v South Australia

Day Three:
12:00 : Queensland Sapphires v NSW City
13:00 : Western Australia v Victoria
14:00 : Queensland Rubys v NSW Country
15:00 : South Australia v Northern Territory

Day Four:
10:00 : 3rd (Pool A) v 3rd (Pool B)
11:00 : 2nd (Pool A) v 2nd (Pool B)
12:00 : 4th (Pool A) v 4th (Pool B)
13:15 : 1st (Pool A) v 1st (Pool B)