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Defending Champions, the Vate Bulldogs, will face the Uluveou Sealions in the season opener to the 2021 Port Vila Rugby League Men’s Championship later this month.

Vanuatu’s premier Rugby League competition, the Men’s Championship, features a record seven teams with the USP Ruggers joining the likes of the Bulldogs, Uluveou, Mele Eels, Vanuatu Police Forces, Blacksand Diamonds and last year’s runners up, the Ifira Blackbirds.

Kicking off on April 24, each team will place six matches before the competition Grand Final on September 4.

As per previous years, the Port Vila Rugby League will also run Women’s and Under 15s competitions, with the respective draws and participants for each to be announced in the near fututre.

Saturday, April 24:
Vate Bulldogs v Uluveou Sealions
Mele Eels v Ifira Blackbirds

Saturday, May 1:
USP Ruggers v Vanuatu Police Force
Blacksand Diamonds v Uluveou Sealions

Saturday, May 15:
Ifira Blackbirds v Vate Bulldogs
Mele Eels v Blacksand Diamonds

Saturday, May 22:
Vanuatu Police Force v Uluveou Sealions
USP Ruggers v Mele Eels

Saturday, June 5:
Vate Bulldogs v Vanuatu Police Forces
Ifira Blackbirds v Blacksand Diamonds

Saturday, June 12:
Mele Eels v Vate Bulldogs
Uluveou Sealions v USP Ruggers

Saturday, June 26:
USP Ruggers v Mele Eels
Vate Bulldogs v Blacksand Diamonds

Saturday, July 3:
Ifira Blackbirds v USP Ruggers
Blacksand Diamonds v Vanuatu Police Forces

Saturday, July 31:
Blacksand Diamonds v USP Ruggers
Ifira Blackbirds v Uluveou Sealions

Saturday, August 7:
Mele Eels v Vanuatu Police Forces
Vate Bulldogs v USP Ruggers

Saturday, August 14:
Vanuatu Police Forces v Ifira Blackbirds
Uluveou Sealions v USP Ruggers

Saturday, September 4:
Men’s Grand Final