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The Cloudy Bay Rugby Football League Association has this month become an official feeder league to the Central Dabaris and an official affiliate of the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League (PNGRFL).

Based around the Robinson River in the Central Province of Papua New Guinea, the rural league is the latest within the Central District to form an official feeder relationship with the Central Dabaris Digicel Cup club and to officially affiliate with the PNGRFL.

At a special AGM convened at the end of February, the new office bearers of Boga Poia (President), Nathan Uau (Vice President), David Baige (Secretary) and Kema Inimo (Treasurer) were elected.

The Cloudy Bay Rugby Football League Association has seventeen affiliated clubs which are based throughout the Cloudy Bay Local Level Government (LLG). The new affiliation will open up opportunities for players from Cloudy Bay to be selected for the Dabaris as well for clubs in the League to take part in the Southern Confederate programs.

Affiliated Clubs:
More Capes, Vinewe Blues, Cocoalands Cutters, Dom Dragons, Paeno Rooster, Island Storms, Nibu Sharks, Barra Dogs, MB Knights, Tobou Sea Eagles, Banea Rebels, Waru Saints, Kapari Gaigais, V-Sharks, MK Raiders, Iniana Eels, Tarotaro Waves