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After eleven rounds, the finalists for the 2020/21 Gahuku Rugby League Off-Season competition have been decided, with 20 teams set to take part in the next round of the competition.

With more than forty teams from across the Eastern Highlands province joining the regional Off-Season competition, teams were broken into four pools, with the top five teams from each qualifying for the Finals.

Minor Premiers for the respective pools, the Zogi Raiders, Kafuku Spiders, Lisapeka Bulldogs and the Kaveve Raindrops, will enjoy the first week off, whilst the other four finalists will take part in the Major and Minor Preliminary Finals this weekend, with the runners up in the Minor Preliminary Finals to be eliminated.

The Finals Series will run for five weeks, with a Premier set to be declared on March 20.

Pool A:

Zogi Raiders
East Sitani
Kerefa Brothers
Zogizoka Nokotis
Hanazuha Brothers

Pool B:
Kafuku Spiders
Nagamiufa Sharks
Kafana Spiders
Gapaisi Diggers
Gihi Rabbitohs

Pool C:
Lisapeka Bulldogs
Oya Nagami
Busu Dust
Hela Masi
Kafuku Webs

Pool D:
Kaveve Raindrops
Zogi Gihila
5 Mile Spartans
Pacific Warriors
Aipos Panthers

Pool A:
Major Preliminary Final: East Sitani v Kerefa Brothers
Minor Preliminary Final: Zogizoka Nokotis v Hanazuha Brothers

Pool B:
Major Preliminary Final: Nagamiufa Sharks v Kafana Spiders
Minor Preliminary Final: Gapaisi Diggers v Gihi Rabbitohs

Pool C:
Major Preliminary Final: Oya Nagami v Busu Dust
Minor Preliminary Final: Hela Masi v Kafuku Webs

Pool D:
Major Preliminary Final: Zogi Gihila v 5 Mile Spartans
Minor Preliminary Final: Pacific Warriors v Aipos Panthers