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After eleven rounds of competition, the finalists for the 2020/21 TNA Cup have been decided, with the Kupsy Rabbitohs claiming the competition Minor Premiership.

The Premier Off-Season Rugby League competition in the Simbu Province, the TNA Cup featured eleven teams playing eleven rounds in 2020/21.

The Rabbitohs claimed top spot after a strong finish to the competition, however were pushed all the way by the Chayil Panthers and Bee Jay Crushers for the Minor Premiership.

In the end, only four competition points separated first to fifth in the competition, showing that the competition is still anyone’s to win.

Finals kick off this Sunday at Kundiawa’s Dickson Oval.

Minor Semi Final: NGR Mosquitos v Gumine Pythons (Runner’s Up Eliminated)
Major Semi Final: Chayil Panthers v Bee Jay Crushers (Winner to face Kupsy Rabbitohs)