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Organisers of the inaugural Charles Lee Cup have made the decision this week to expand the tournament Final from eight teams to twelve.

The four additional spots have been provided to clubs from across the Western Highlands which are from some of the most remote parts of the province and were unable to take part in one of the four Qualifier tournaments due to their location.

The four invited clubs are the Ukini 1 Pythons, Baiyer Cowboys, 1237 Vikings and Ukini 2 Rupunda Zoo Lions and are based around the Baiyer river near the Western Highlands and Madang borders.

These teams will join the Mapo Cowboys and Kuntz Royals from Dei, the Mul Norths and Mul Frost Rugby Football Clubs from Mul-Baiyer, Newton Brothers and Kum from Mt Hagen Central and the T Mile Pride and Mogu Scorpions from Tambul-Nebilyer.

The 12 team Final will be played at Rebiamul Oval in Mt Hagen from January 14 – 17.

Dei Council:

Mapo Cowboys
Kuntz Royals

Mul-Baiyer Council:
Mul Norths
Mul Frost

Tambul-Nebilyer Council:
Mogu Scorpions
T Mile Pride

Mt Hagen Central Council:
Newton Brothers
Kum Blockers

Invited Teams:
Ukini 1 Pythons
Baiyer Cowboys
1237 Vikings
Ukini 2 Rupunda Zoo Lions