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Three new champions were crowned in Saturday’s massive Vanuatu Rugby League Nines tournament held at the Kawenu Fields in Malapoa.

In an action packed day, fourteen teams from across the islands of Efate and Uluveou took part in more twenty matches to decide champions in the Men’s, Women’s and Under 15’s categories for the last time in 2020.

In the Men’s Championships, a record eight teams took part, including the returning Pango Green Birds and new clubs, the USP Ruggers and Port Vila Development team.

In Pool A, unsurprisingly the Vate Bulldogs dominated, progressing through the group stages undefeated to finish top in their respective Pool, with the Vanuatu Police Forces securing second spot, whilst in Pool B it was the Ifira Black Birds and Pango Green Birds who finished top.

The Semi Finals saw the Bulldogs face the Green Birds, whilst the Police Forces took on the Black Birds, both teams from Pool A emerged victorious to setup the Men’s Final where the Police Forces stunned the Vate Bulldogs to hand them their first loss of 2020.

In the Women’s Championship, whilst the Mele Eels dominated the round-robin part of the tournament, the Port Vila Warriors emerged the victors, winning the all important Final to reverse the result from just a month ago.

Finally in the Under 15’s Championship, the Ifira Black Birds finished top to win the club’s first piece of silverware for 2020.

Keane Williams of Vate Bulldogs won Man of the Tournament, whilst Pastor Kele of the Vanuatu Police won Man of the Match for the Final. So’o Motuliki of the Port Vila Warriors won the Women of the Tournament medal.


Vanuatu Police Forces

Port Vila Warriors

Under 15’s:
Ifira Black Birds


Vate Bulldogs 24 d. Vanuatu Police Force 8
Ifira Black Birds RLC 0 l. Pango Green Birds RLC 14
USP Ruggers 10 d. Mele Eels 6
Uluveou Sealions 22 d. Port Vila Development Team 12
Vate Bulldogs 34 d. Mele Eels 0
Uluveou Sealions 4 l. Ifira Black Birds 18
USP Ruggers 12 drew with Vanuatu Police Force 12
Port VIla Development Team 16 d. Pango Green Birds 6
Vanuatu Police Force 52 d. Mele Eels 4
Pango Green Birds 16 d. Uluveou Sealions 0
USP Ruggers 8 l. Vate Bulldogs 26
Port Vila Development Team 0 l. Ifira Black Birds 28

Vate Bulldogs 32 d. Pango Green Birds 0
Ifira Black Birds 6 l. Vanuatu Police Force 14

Third Place Play-Off:
Pango Green Birds 10 l. Ifira Black Birds 26

Vate Bulldogs 4 l. Vanuatu Police Force 6

Port Vila Warriors 10 l. Mele Eels 12
Port Vila Warriors 14 d. Ifira Black Birds 0
Mele Eels 16 d. Ifira Black Birds 0

Mele Eels 6 l. Port Vila Warriors 12

Under 15’s
Mele Eels Black Birds 0 l. Ifira Black Birds 10
Ifira Black Birds 12 d. Blacksand Diamond 0
Mele Eels 4 d. Blacksand Diamond 0

Mele Eels 0 l. Ifira Black Birds 4