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At the Stade Nouma Daly in Noumea, the first athletes joined in for the first ‘testing day’ to see if they had what it takes to become a part of the Pacifique Treize journey to the Intrust Super Cup in 2023.

The Pacifique Treize Intrust Super Cup expansion bid held their first of what will be many testing days as they seek to find the players that will enter the development system that the team will be establishing. With 20 players taking part in athletic tests of speed, agility, and strength they got their first taste of what it will take to be a part of elite competition in Australia.

Manuel Jalabert, the Pacifique Treize New Caledonia Director ran the testing day and said “The participants all showed an excellent willingness to give it their all and to push themselves all through the session. We look forward to seeing more of this standard as we run sessions all over New Caledonia over the coming weeks and months.”

“This is a historic day for our bid; however, it will definitely not be the last time we run these days across Noumea and beyond as we seek to find the best to go into our Centre de Formation network”

“We look forward to running bigger and better days with these athletes and many more as COVID-19 restrictions ease and we can have more people in a public gathering in New Caledonia” Mr Jalabert said.”

Mr Jalabert said that “As COVID-19 restrictions end across our catchments and in Australia, the numbers in the testing days will increase and the standard will increase as we bring over our team’s top coaches to push potential players even further.”