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Brazil Rugby League has today revealed its logo and mascot for its history-making appearance at the 2021 Rugby League World Cup in England.

The pioneering women – the first team from Latin America to qualify for the game’s showpiece – will be known as the Amazonas, commonly referred to in English language as the ‘Amazon Warriors’.

A logo has also been unveiled for the Amazonas, incorporating several key components:

  • In representing an emerging sport in Brasil, it was considered vital that the logo include a rugby league ball and provide the domestic population a concept of what the game entails, via the central figure. Animal mascots and more simplified, minimalist designs were considered, but would not have educated the wider population about the primal element of the sport – running with an oval-shaped ball and trying to evade the defence.
  • The traditional face markings are in respect to the nation’s Indigenous tribes, and are presented as an = sign to indicate equality, regardless of gender, race, religion, financial position or any other factor.
  • The ‘leaf’ shape in the background and the name ‘Amazonas’ acknowledge the Amazon Jungle, the world’s largest rainforest, and a major attraction to Brasil.
  • The stance of the central character is purposeful, being determined, aggressive and strong, but also flamboyant and entertaining, embodying the elements the Amazonas wish to bring to the international stage.
  • The face is purposefully ambiguous, and can be interpreted as either playing with gritted teeth, or with a smile.
  • The shading, or different skin tones, of the athlete represent the broad multiculturalism of Brasil and the various ethnic backgrounds which will contest the World Cup in unison.
  • The brown vine and animal teeth adorning the right arm of the character are a tribute to the flora and fauna of Brasil, and the wild spirit of the nation.

While Brasil Rugby League acknowledges the Amazonas (or Amazon Warriors) were primarily a construct of Greek mythology, where they did not occupy South American land, historical evidence acknowledges the Amazon Jungle derived its name from warriors who protected the natural wonder.

The main consideration in naming the team the Amazonas was to reflect strong women of character, prepared to fight for a cause, unafraid to challenge traditional gender roles.

The Amazon Warriors are also recognised in popular culture around the world, helping to create awareness of Brasil’s arrival at the elite level of rugby league.