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The Mexico Rugby League has unveiled its 2020 domestic calendar as the organisation looks to re-establish a regular Rugby League program in the country.

Kicking off in the City of Tepotzotlán near Mexico City, the 2020 competition will feature both a six-a-side and nine-a-side competition in March before the proposed domestic Championship kicks off in late April.

The competition will hope to involve up to four teams from predominately the Mexico City and Jalisco regions within the country. Matches will be played as Double Headers before a competition Final.

Mexico has previously held Rugby League matches, with games first being played in 2013.

2020 Mexico Rugby League Season:
March 1: Torneo Open 6s : Tepotzotlán
March 29: Torneo Open 9s : Tepotzotlán
April 26: Mexico Liga (Round One) : TBC
May 17: Mexico Liga (Round Two) : TBC
May 31: Mexico Liga (Round Three) : TBC
June 21: Mexico Liga (Final) : TBC