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The Physical Disability Rugby League New Zealand (PDRLNZ) has named the New Zealand Representative team that will take part in the Physical Disability event at this year’s Emerging Nations World Championship.

The squad, selected from eligible players from across New Zealand and Australia, will take on the Australian Physical Disability team in a three match series at this year’s Emerging Nations World Championship.

Fixtures for the Physical Disability Representative matches will be released on the Emerging Nations World Championship website in the coming weeks.

New Zealand Representative Team:
Che Fornusek (NSW)
Gary Endacott (Christchurch)
Michael Kulene (Auckland)
Uturei Toparea (Auckland)
Jason Gilmour (Auckland)
James Doolan (Auckland)
Phil Milne (Christchurch)
Ben Tuimaseve (Auckland)
Garry Kingi (NSW)
Timothy Ragg (NSW)
Brad Vear (Taupo)
Matthew Williams (Auckland)
Bruce Cross (Auckland)
Josh Dench (Christchurch)
Jeremy Hendrix Harris (Waikato)
Junior Leaupepe (Auckland)
Freeman Hickey (Auckland)
Josh Hyde (Auckland)

Coach: Rodney Hall (Auckland)
Manager: Bruce Milne (Christchurch)