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Kings Park in Kowloon is set to host the largest Hong Kong Nines to date, with the Festival of Rugby League set to feature nine teams from three countries, as well as the first Women’s Rugby League match played in the region.

Taking place this Sunday, May 27, the Hong Kong Nines will have a Pacific flavour with the HKRL welcoming back last year’s Champions, the Diamond Chiefs, from Papua New Guinea, plus welcoming for the first time a representative team from Tonga.

Adding to the Pacific flair will be the Pacific Toa and Wave Wearers sides, two of seven local teams to enter, who will be made up of some of the best Pacific Heritage players around the region.

Other teams set to take part include the newly formed Oreana Storm, the Soceiete Generale Valley RFC Broncos, plus foundation clubs, the Coastal Cobras and Wan Chai Warriors.

The inaugural Women’s clash will be a North Origin v South Origin game played at 6pm on the main field.

Pools for the Men’s competition are:

Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3
Broncos Diamond Chiefs Charlie Bears
Oreana Storm Wave Wearers Tonga
Pacific Toa Wan Chai Warriors Coastal Cobras

The full schedule for the day is listed below:

Start  End Pitch 1 Pitch 2
4:30 PM 4:42 PM Diamond Chiefs Wave Wearers Broncos Oreana Storm
4:45 PM 4:57 PM Charlie Bears Tonga
5:00 PM 5:12 PM Oreana Storm Pacific Toa Diamond Chiefs Wan Chai Warriors
5:15 PM 5:27 PM Tonga Coastal Cobras
5:30 PM 5:42 PM Broncos Pacific Toa
5:45 PM 5:57 PM Charlie Bears Coastal Cobras Wave Wearers Wan Chai Warriors
6:00 PM 6:20 PM Women’s North Women’s South
6:10 PM 6:22 PM Broncos Charlie Bears
6:25 PM 6:37 PM Oreana Storm Tonga Pacific Toa Coastal Cobras
6:40 PM 6:52 PM Diamond Chiefs Broncos
6:55 PM 7:07 PM Wan Chai Warriors Coastal Cobras Wave Wearers Tonga
7:10 PM 7:22 PM Charlie Bears Diamond Chiefs
7:25 PM 7:37 PM Wave Wearers Oreana Storm Pacific Toa Wan Chai Warriors
8:00 PM 8:12 PM Quarter Finalist 1 Quarter Finalist 8 Quarter Finalist 2 Quarter Finalist 7
8:15 PM 8:27 PM Quarter Finalist 3 Quarter Finalist 6 Quarter Finalist 4 Quarter Finalist 5
8:50 PM 9:11 PM Winner QF 1v8 Winner QF 4v5 Winner QF 2v7 Winner QF 3v6
9:35 PM 9:56 PM FINAL