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Division One favourites, Ha’ateiho Spartans and Mu’a Saints, have recorded wins in the open weekend of the Jason Taumalolo Cup Finals Series.

Other winners in Division One includes the Toloa Old Boys and Vaini Doves.

Meanwhile in Second Division, Vaotu’u and the Tonga Army recorded surprise losses, meaning only teams from Pool A will progress to the Semi Finals.

Division One: Quarter Finals
QF1: Ha’ateiho Spartans (Pool A 1st) 28 defeated Liekina Barbarians (Pool B 4th) 23
QF2: Toloa Old Boys (Pool A 2nd) 24 defeated Ha’ateiho Crusaders (Pool B 3rd) 20
QF3: Ha’asini Kali Panthers (Pool A 3rd) 23 lost to Vaini Doves (Pool B 2nd) 31
QF4: Lapaha Knights (Pool A 4th) 10 lost to Mu’a Saints (Pool B 1st) 34

Division Two: Quarter Finals
QF1: Fasi Ma’ufanga Vikings (Pool A 1st) 28 defeated Houma (Pool B 4th) 10
QF2: Fatuma (Pool A 2nd) 48 defeated Lapaha Knights (Pool B 3rd) 10
QF3: Kolomotu’a (Pool A 3rd) 29 defeated Vaotu’u (Pool B 2nd) 16
QF4: Maka’unga (Pool A 4th) 30 defeated Tonga Army (Pool B 1st) 22

Division One: Semi Finals
SF1: Ha’ateiho Spartans (QF1) vs Toloa Old Boys (QF2)
SF2: Vaini Doves (QF3) v Mu’a Saints (QF4)

Division Two: Semi Finals
SF1: Fasi Ma’ufanga Vikings (QF1) v Fatuma (QF2)
SF2: Kolomotu’a (QF3) v Maka’unga (QF4)