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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Rugby League Association, has announced its inaugural Board and Committee for the 2018 season.

A regional affiliate, the ASEAN Rugby League Association contains representatives from various member nations of the Asia Pacific Rugby League Confederation, including the Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand, and is focused on pooling resources and work between the various members to help drive development of the code across the continent.

The ASEAN Rugby League Association will work in partnership with the Asia Pacific Rugby League Confederation and Rugby League International Federation.

ASEAN Rugby League Board
Dr Tony Hayek – Chairman
Mr Peter Thompson – Vice Chairman
Mr Charlie Tannous (Marketing)
Mr Peter Nguyen (Vietnam)
Mr Sonephet Piravong (Laos)
Mr Geoff Bombell (Media)
Mr Doug Keen. (Referees Director)
Mr Andy Steel (Thailand)
Mrs Kim Bitros (Womens RL)
Mr Joseph George (Sponsorship)
Mr Paul Sheedy (Philippines)
Mr Paul Walsh (India)
Mr Neville Metcalfe (Hong Kong)
Mr Amane Konishi (Japan)

ASEAN Football Committee
Mr Kevin Montgomery
Mr Ross Hoye
Mr Scott Murray
Mr John Harbon
Mr Daniel Price
Mr Peter Sbirakos
Mr Peter Nguyen
Mr Jason Hatton
Mr Loni Levi

Director of Coaching
Mr Brian Smith

ASEAN Referees/ Match Officials Development Group
Mr Doug Keen
Mr Rob Bowen
Mr Dave Chappell
Mr Mavin Pace
Mr Scott Murray

ASEAN / NRL Asia Ambassadors
Mr Allan Langer
Mr Wally Fullerton Smith
Mr Paul Dunn
Mr Pierre Vandome
Mr Greg Cornescue