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The FNRL Board Chairperson Filimone Vosarogo and board members, with the Fiji NSW Cup Bid team led by Petero Civoniceva met today, via telephone, ending discussions that was noted to be positive and mutually respectful.

Both leaders acknowledged the need to create the space for moving forward and future planning; the need to work together to mutually benefit each other and more importantly, the need to set a platform that would ultimately benefit players and clubs across Fiji.

There are questions that the FNRL Board have listed for Civoniceva and his team to clarify; given that some FNRL board members weren’t privy to discussions in the last 3 years.

Speaking from Queensland, whilst holidaying with his family, Civoniceva said that he would get back to the FNRL board, within the timeframe agreed to.

He added, I look forward to 2018 and working with FNRL board, I am optimistic about a bright future ahead and moreover making an official announcement in Fiji hopefully in the new year.’

Mr Vosarogo said that, ‘ultimately, we are all on the same page here, and we want what is best everyone, so having that clarification is a positive sign, moving into 2018.’

Both hoped to make an announcement before Christmas regarding the endorsement and then working collegially in mapping out a strategy- bringing both camps together as early as January 2018.