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The 2017 ASEAN XIII representative team taking part in this Saturday’s Rise of the Underdogs International Rugby League Festival in Liverpool will be one of the most diverse on record, featuring players either born or with heritage to eight different South East Asia nations.

Players representing Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia all feature in Ross Hoye’s 20-man squad.

The ASEAN XIII will take on the Latin Heat Development Squad in Saturday’s Rugby League Festival.

To find out more about the event, click here.

(Players in no particular order)

Ryan Clarke (Philippines)
Adam Clarke (Philippines)
Lam Nguyen (Vietnam)
Thonmy Giang (Cambodia)
Jesse Subrata (Indonesia)
Ricky Williamson (Vietnam)
Nathan Arnamnart (Thailand)
Mark Roberts (Philippines)
Toby Lei (Hong Kong/China)
Ben Ryan (Hong Kong/China)
Peter Nguyen (Vietnam)
Paul Nguyen (Vietnam)
Isaac Guerrin (Vietnam)
Michael Nguyen (Vietnam)
Buncha Srithinon (Thailand)
Johnny Jordan (Philippines)
Jeff Peters (Malaysia)
Kenneth Cheer (China)
Rocky Enriquez (Philippines)
Josh Foley (Burma)