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Thailand has announced a 20-man squad for Saturday’s match against Chile at Hillier Oval in Liverpool.

The match, which is part of the Rise of the Underdog International Rugby League event that will take place at the All Saints Liverpool Junior Rugby League grounds, will be the first time teams representing Chile and Thailand have clashed in a Rugby League match.

To find out more about the event, click here.

Thailand Squad:
Matthew Waugh
Suhttirak Choengkhiri
Winston Witharjonkul
Vincent Aversa
Doe Thawornphon
Brandon Sua
Wedpisit Best Songkham
Chiang Mai
Carlin Millar
Eightt Saisiri
Rhys Tucker
Will Scully
Scott Stapleton
Dangmo Chimpla
James Utai Cairns
Dylan Baxter
Curtis Baxter
Damien Nicholls
Micky Pannao
Arty Suthamwuthinant
Nathan Arnamnart