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The Rugby League XIII Sports Association (Thailand) has announced their team for the upcoming International against El Salvador on February 4.

The match, which will take place at Hillier Oval in Liverpool, Sydney, will be Thailand’s first RLIF sanctioned international on Australian soil and the first time Thailand and El Salvador have met in a Rugby League clash.

Kick off for the match will be 6:00pm AEDT.

1. Damien Nicholls
2. Micky Pannao
3. Opal Pesanan
4. Dangmo Chimpla
5. Suhttirak Choengkhiri
6. Chris Twigg
7. Micky Obrien (vc)
8. Will Scully
9. Eightt Saisiri
10. Carlin Millar (c)
11. Joey Halpin
12. Scott Stapleton
13. Don Boonkhit

14. Rhys Tucker
15. Curtis Baxter
16. Dan Thomas
17. Winston Witharjonkul
18. Travis Clements
19. Vissut Domklang
20. Dylan Baxter
(3 to be omitted)

Coach: Brian Smith
Asst Coach: Marvin Pace

Acting National Team Manager: Martin Twigg
Head Trainer: Peter Sbirakos
Team Trainer: Jason Hatton
League Safe: Matty Colgrave