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The NSW Police have taken out the 2016 Australian Police Rugby League Tri-Series trophy after finishing the tournament with a better point aggregate than their rivals.

The three team tournament saw the NSW, Queensland and the Affiliated States & Territories sides go head to head over three days in Melbourne.

Kicking off the tournament at AAMI Park on Sunday, the Queensland Police secured first points, defeating the Affiliated States & Territories side 20 – 14 before the Queensland side went down to NSW the following day 26 – 16.
The third and final game at Gosh’s Paddock saw the Affiliated States & Territories side secure their first win of the tournament, defeating NSW 20 – 18.

NSW collected the trophy win a positive points differential of 8. Queensland finished second with a points differential of -2, whilst the Affiliated States & Territories side finished third with a points differential of -6.

Following the completion of the tournament the Australian Police Rugby League representative team was named:

1. James Bartholomew (QLD)
2. Jake Carl (QLD)
3. Adam Luchetti (AST)
4. Ben Puia (QLD)
5. Manasi Holani (AST)
6. Josh Murphy (NSW)
7. Brendan Williams (AST)
8. Brayden Sharrock (NSW)
9. Tyson Pickavance (AST)
10. Andrew Dunkley (QLD)
11. Mitch West (NSW)
12. Phil Stonham (AST)
13. Danny Lawrence (NSW)
14. Mitch Greig (AST)
15. Ilija Radan (AST)
16. Dave Cox (NSW)
17. Sean Jenkins (NSW)
18. Jarrod Knox (QLD)
19. Josh Munro (AST)