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El Salvador Rugby League and Chile Rugby League XIII have both announced their respective sides for this weekend’s international between the two nations.

In what will be the first full international between the Latin American nations, the clash will cap off a day of Latin American Rugby League entertainment scheduled at Sydney’s Henson Park this Saturday.

Both the El Salvador and Chile sides are made up of players who qualify for the respective nations under the RLIF eligibility rules.

This international and the day of events at Henson Park have been coordinated by the Latin Heat Rugby League. For more event details please visit their site at

1. James Horvat, 2. Chris Brantes, 3. Sebastian Delapaz, 4. Brandon Tobar, 5. Jon Munoz, 6. Brad Millar, 7. Trent Millar, 8. Eduardo Wegener, 9. Israel Perez, 10. Nicholas Doberer, 11. Josh Munoz, 12. Jonathan Espinoza, 13. Jaden Laing. Interchange: 14. Mana Castillo, 15, Dennis Ford, 16. Jayden Yasar, 17. Sergio Montenegro, 18. William Neculman, 19. Nicholas Neculman, 20. Ben Fisher, 21. Juan Eugene Araya (four to be omitted)

El Salvador:
1. Joaquin Mendoza, 2. Ronnie Rivas, 3. Miguel Alarcon, 4. Frank (Paco) Godinez, 5. Javier Alarcon, 6. Alvaro Alarcon, 7. Fredy Arteaga-Figueroa, 8. JC Mendez, 9. Miguel Gonzalez, 10 Junior Alarcon, 11. Nelson Melgar, 12. Eric Orellana, 13. Josh Guzman. Interchange: 14. Mayer Flamenco, 15. Cesar Cordova, 16. Denis Hernandez, 17. Rafael Mendoza, 18. Jono Godinez, 19. Daniel Godinez, 20. Walter Godinez (three to be omitted)

Event Details:
El Salvador v Chile
12:50pm : Henson Park, Marrickville, Sydney
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Curtain Raiders:
11.15am : Colombia v Ecuador (Sevens)
11.35am : Peru v Uruguay (Nines)
12noon : Colombia v Ecuador (Sevens)
12:20pm : Peru v Uruguay (Nines)