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The excitement and athleticism of the International Nines returns to Sydney this Saturday – and the official draw has just been released.

This year’s International Nines, usually staged at Cabramatta, will be at St Marys Leagues Stadium and feature 30 teams from right across around the rugby league world.

“There’ll be a great international flavour as always at this year’s Nines,” NSWRL Head of Competitions Yvette Downey said.

“Teams are participating from the Philippines, American Samoa, Fiji and the Cook Islands to name a few. Then there are local teams including Sydney Shield winners East Campbelltown, Cabramatta and Guildford.

“It should be a great day out.”

The event is to be staged Saturday, 31st January at St Marys Leagues stadium. Kick-off is 9.30am.

Field One:
10.00 am: Cabramatta 1 v La Perouse United
10.20 am: Niue 1 v Wildcard
10.40 am: Emerging Kumuls (PNG) V Philippines 2
11.00 am: Chile v Malta 2
11.20 am: La Perouse United v Narellan Jets
11.40 am: Niue 1 v El Salvadore
12.00 pm: Philippines 2 v Amerika Samoa
12.20 pm: Niue 2 v Chile
12.40 pm: Kingsgrove Colts v La Perouse United
13.00 pm: Niue 1 v Thailand Nationals
13.20 pm: Philippines 2 v Malta 1
13.40 pm: Chile v Cabramatta 2
14.00 pm: 3rd Pool A v 3rd Pool B
14.20 pm: 3rd Pool E v 3rd Pool F
14.40 pm: 2nd Pool A v 2nd Pool B
15.00 pm: 2nd Pool E v 2nd Pool F
15.20 pm: 1st Pool A v 1st Pool B
15.40 pm: 1st Pool E v 1st Pool F
16.00 pm: Physical Disability RL Demonstration Game
16.20 pm: Plate Semi Final
16.40 pm: Trophy Semi Final
17.00 pm: Cup Semi Final
17.30 pm: Bowl Final
18.00 pm: Plate Final
18.30 pm: Trophy Final
19.00 pm: Cup Final

Field Two:
10.00 am: Narellan Jets v Kingsgrove Colts
10.20 am: El Salvadore v Thailand Nationals
10.40 am: Amerika Samoa v Malta 1
11.00 am: Cabramatta 2 v Niue 2
11.20 am: Cabramatta 1 v Kingsgrove Colts
11.40 am: Thailand Nationals v Wildcard
12.00 pm: Emerging Kumuls (PNG) v Malta 1
12.20 pm: Malta 2 v Cabramatta 2
12.40 pm: Cabramatta 1 v Narellan Jets
13.00 pm: Wildcard v El Salvadore
13.20 pm: Emerging Kumuls (PNG) v Amerika Samoa
13.40 pm: Malta 2 v Niue 2
14.00 pm: 3rd Pool C v 3rd Pool D
14.20 pm: 3rd Pool G v 3rd Pool H
14.40 pm: 2nd Pool C v 2nd Pool D
15.00 pm: 2nd Pool G v 2nd Pool H
15.20 pm: 1st Pool C v 1st Pool D
15.40 pm: 1st Pool G v 1st Pool H
16.00 pm: Plate Semi Final
16.20 pm: Trophy Semi Final
16.40 pm: Cup Semi Final

Field Three:
10.00 am: Guildford v North Qld Islanders
10.20 am: Fiji Steelers v East Campbelltown Eagles
10.40 am: Philippines 1 v Blacktown Workers Black
11.00 am: Canada v Helensburgh Tigers
11.20 am: North Qld Islanders v Asquith
11.40 am: Fiji Steelers v Concord Burwood
12.00 pm: Blacktown Workers Black v Portugal
12.20 pm: Philippines 4 v Canada
12.40 pm: Blacktown Workers Red v North Qld Islanders
13.00 pm: Fiji Steelers v Philippines 3
13.20 pm: Blacktown Workers Black v Cook Islands
13.40 pm: Canada v NSWRL Indigenous
14.20 pm: 4th Pool A v 4th Pool B
14.40 pm: 4th Pool C v 4th Pool D
15.20 pm: Bowl Semi Final
15.40 pm: Bowl Semi Final

Field Four
10.00 am: Asquith v Blacktown Workers Red
10.20 am: Concord Burwood v Philippines 3
10.40 am: Portugal v Cook Islands
11.00 am: NSWRL Indigenous v Philippines 4
11.20 am: Guildford v Blacktown Workers Red
11.40 am: Philippines 3 v East Campbelltown Eagles
12.00 pm: Philippines 1 v Cook Islands
12.20 pm: NSWRL Indigenous v Helensburgh Tigers
12.40 pm: Guildford v Asquith
13.00 pm: East Campbelltown Eagles v Concord Burwood
13.20 pm: Philippines 1 v Portugal
13.40 pm: Helensburgh Tigers v Philippines 4
14.20 pm: 4th Pool E v 4th Pool F (Game 50)
14.40 pm: 4th Pool G v 4th Pool H (Game 52)